We are a group of experts in security, banking and marketing, dedicated to building a better financial payments and trading solution using blockchain technology.

The current method of processing financial transactions is too slow, does nothing to protect the consumer and exposes us all to the risks of cyber crime. We believe that by utilizing the Vault's AI-powered fraud detection solution and the Vault Consensus Network, paired with traditional bank-grade security software we can deliver fast, affordable, secure payments.

We have built a platform based on proven security processes, AI-powered fraud detection solution and the Vault Consensus Protocol.

We invite all Exchange operators, wallet providers, banks, regulators and security standard organizations, to join us as we build a global security network.


Attacks happen outside the blockchain.

The fast growth nature of the crypto currency sector over the past 2 years has opened the doors to scam artists and cyber criminals to try and exploit weaknesses of business services such as exchange and wallet providers, as well as unsuspecting consumers and newbies.

The industry reels in dismay when an exchange platform suffers an attack – Over USD$1.4 Billion in stolen crypto assets in the past 4 years. But consumers are bleeding more, USD$9.1Million a day or USD$3.5Billion a year.

The attacks happen is a variety of ways, but we can stop them. With the Vault, consumers need not be easy prey to criminal organizations. Crypto currency transactions can protected and secure and the storage of your assets and passwords trusted and safe.


Consumer assets should be protected

We believe very strongly that your crypto assets should be fully protected, guaranteed by your service provider, whether it is a wallet, exchange or crypto bank.

The Cryptocurrency Security Standards steering committee (CCSS), has authored a set of standards and defined methodologies to guide crypto service providers to make them more secure.

While we strongly support this initiative, we do not believe it goes far enough. Vault will provide all of this and more for free to every service provider in the global crypto eco-system to provide security to the entire sector.


Key Platform Features

The Vault Platform is based on three key strategic pillars. Each area is fundamental in its role to protect against unwanted attacks and human error.

AI-powered, Hybrid-Fraud Detection Solution
Security Transaction

Using AI machine learning, the Vault
AI-HFDS is at the core of the platform.

Consumer based software security
PC, Web, Mobile security

Providing trusted partners with security for their consumer applications.

The Vault Consensus Protocol
Security Network

A consortium of trusted partners collaborating to protect and secure.


Key Vault System Benefits

Let's make crypto simple to understand, with proven security management that makes it easy for consumers to use. The Vault is delivering simple security protection for consumers that takes the pain and risk out of account and password management and builds trust with exchange and wallet partners in the Vault network.


Secure Transactions
We guarantee a capability to make a secure transaction, be protected from attacks and enjoy an improved level of support from Vault partners.


Reduced Fraud and Risk
Criminal transactions are significantly reduced through multidimensional user verification and deep learning-based fraud transaction sign modeling


Smart Security
Vault’s AI-powered AI-HFDS uses data shared among consortium partners to create blacklists and prevent criminals from participating in your transactions.


A United Consortium of Protection
Vault will empower a consortium of united partners to arm their end user customers with the security to protect every transaction.


The Vault 's Documents

Here is our full documents that help you to understand about us.

Lite Paper
Privacy Policy
Terms & Condition of Token Offer

Road Map

In Q4, 2018, Vault will begin recruiting private sales of VSS token around institutional sales and perform pre token offer. VSS tokens will be issued in Q4, 2018 and Q1, 2019, and Vault will launch security platform in stages according to the technical Roadmap outlined below.

2017 Q3
  • Security Concept Generation
  • Vault team Assemble
2017 Q4
  • Proving the concept can work
  • Strategical Planing
  • White paper(beta ver.) completion
2018 Q1
  • Platform design and technical demonstration
  • Building the Global Business Network
2018 Q2
Final Stage of Proof of Concept
  • Hyperledger and DAG Evaluation
  • Start testing Vault's hybrid fraud detection solution in a blockchain environment
  • Testing APIs from developer centers - VISA, Mastercard, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft
2018 Q3
Beta testing on Exchange Data, MVP
  • Success Update July 18. Minimum Viable Product status achieved for Hybrid-Fraud Detection System
  • Prototype published and linked to Ethereum blockchain with real-time scanning
  • Implementing real data in test environment started - August 9
2018 Q4
Token Offer
  • Open Global VSS token offer
  • Start Private and Official offer
  • Provide Vault Security Hotline service to Exchanges
2018 Q4, 2019 Q1
Distribute VSS Token
  • Distribute VSS Token
  • Provide Vault Consultancy service to cryptocurrency exchange
  • Provide Vault Blacklist data to cryptocurrency exchange
2019 Q2
Vault Global Developer Network
  • Appoint Vault Master Node Operator for each country
  • Arrange security tech alliance with major global tech company
  • Support developer network base on Vault security echo-system
2019 Q3
Higher level security consulting
  • Support institutional consulting service to exchange with hotline, blacklist sharing solutions
  • Invite all exchange, wallet partners and share security issues and solutions
  • Support developer network through Vault API
2019 Q4
Government, Bank Cooperation
  • Regional HQ at America, Europe
  • Cooperate Banking industry link to cryptocurrency transaction
  • Build up Government sector cooperation network
2020 Q2
Vault AI-HFDS(Beta)
  • Provide Vault AI base Hybrid Fraud Detection System to crypto exchange, wallet operator
  • Provide Vault security transaction service to trader
  • Cooperate government to increase security of public sector
  • Proposal global cryptocurrency industry security policy
Meet The Vault Team


Vault's operation team is comprised of experienced professionals from Asia’s fintech payments and security sectors. This project team, composed of pioneers developing banking security, digital payment, credit cards, NFC, QR codes and hands-free payment and mobile loyalty solutions, is also supported by experienced global experts in the fields of finance, transactions, encrypted currency and block chains.

Dannie Francis
CEO, Co-Founder

Dannie was a pioneer in mobile and fintech sectors, co-architect of Singapore’s Digital Concierge and leader of emerging payment technologies.

Marco Baik
CBO, Co-Founder

Marco has more than 15 years experience as a global entrepreneur and marketing expert. A deep knowledge of blockchain, and tokenomics.

Core Blockchain Developer

JD is highly experienced systems developer & analyst comfortable in performing multiple roles within a team environment including virtual teams.

Mateo Lee
Partnership Manager

Accomplished Sales & Marketing professional offering over 18 years of rich experience and success in the Enterprise Solutions, Digital Marketing and SME industries.

Rakesh Ramankutty
Business Manager(India)

Rakesh is a experineced global business man. After working for more than 12+ years with top publishing companies, he started Versatile PreMedia


BongJun, GEE

Bong Jun Gee is a consulting specialist who has provided strategic consulting for new business strategy and finance fields for the last 30 years.

Julian Thompson

Julian He has 15 years in the financial/FX markets including postings in Singapore with Thomson Reuters and London with ICAP as a Senior FX Broker.

Alireza Sarrafi

Alireza Sarrafi is a leading FinTech Eentrepreneur and Payments expert, with over 10 years of experience in the Payments Industry and financial services,


Exchange Partners


Developer Partner Networks

Vault is a member of the following developer forums with the purpose of accessing advanced APIs:
MasterCard, VISA, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, NEM

Industry Associations


Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve provided info of VSS token offer, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any further questions, please contact us using the form below.

Vault is on a mission to stop cyber crime and protect consumers from cyber criminals. We have a three pronged strategy. 1. To deploy the Vault’s AI-HFDS solution (hybrid fraud detection solution), to eliminate errors and attacks through the identification of abnormal or unusual transactions or behavior or the presence or grey or blacklisted addresses, 2, supply exchanges and their customers with the necessary software protection to prevent attacks from occurring and 3, by creating a consortium who share intelligence in the pursuit of eliminating cybercriminals and protecting the crypto community.

Speed is one major reason. Processing blockchain transactions today is too slow for the needs of our solution. Security requires the fastest speeds available. The Vault’s hybrid solution processes thousands of transactions per second.

Deep Learning is an artificial intelligence function that imitates the workings of the human brain in processing data and creating patterns for use in decision making. Deep learning is a subset of machine learning in artificial intelligence (AI) that has networks capable of learning unsupervised from data that is unstructured or unlabelled. Also known as Deep Neural Learning or Deep Neural Network.

On October 2018, Vault began the Crowdsale process for private. Interested parties can contact the Vault management for more information. A official public offer phase will begin on November and further announcements will be made in the website.

Please register your interest on this website and all interested parties will be advised via email. Otherwise look out for announcements via the media or though our blog. The ONLY place that you will be able to buy VSS tokens will be from this authorized website (http://www.thevault.foundation). Please ensure you are connected to the correct website and if you have any issues please email us at support@thevault.foundation

Access to our VSS token will enable you to pay for Vault security services in the future. You will also be able to receive VSS tokens as rewards and you will be able to use them as payment for Vault services. After we have completed our VSS token offer. VSS tokens are not securities. They are a utility used to pay for Vault security services used by cryptocurrency exchanges and other services providers who use Vault security echosystem to protect their services and customers.

Please join our mailing list and we will advise on upcoming dates for participation and bonus rounds. There are also bounty campaigns, testing campaigns that you can be involved in. Advisors and corporate business services companies should contact us at support@thevault.foundation.

The VSS tokens can be purchased with BTC, ETH or any other crypto currencies announced on Vault website(www.thevault.foundation). We also hope to enable you to use fiat currency and more information will be available throughout the month of August. Please join our mailing list at support@thevaul.foundation.

Please register your interest on this website and all interested parties will be advised via email. Otherwise look out for announcements via the media or though our blog. Please ensure you are connected to the correct website and if you have any issues please email us at support@thevault.foundation

The maximum and minimum amounts will depend on the stage of the VSS token offer. We will announce minimum amounts prior to the start of each period.

The Vault has a very different relationship with Cryptocurrency Exchanges than do most other token issuers. Vault is directly linked to the security of cryptocurrency Exchanges and The specific cryptocurrency exchanges that sign business relationship with the Vault to enhance their security and provide the highest levels of security to their customers, will be the first to list the Vault VSS tokens. An extensive list will be added to throughout the token offer process.


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